Top 5 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends

Top 5 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends That Will Blow Your Mind Do you want to learn new things and cope with the world of design? If yes, then you have found the correct page to enlighten your graphic designing knowledge. Graphic designing is all about creativity and new ideas. Sometimes, you face a creative block where nothing new comes to your mind. That is why we have come up with a piece of brief information about inspiring graphic design trends. 

Last year’s trends were about technology and sci-fi but this year, global graphic designers are focusing on people. You can learn many things even while staying at home. This is the perk of being a designer. You can try numerous designs and create miracles with your design software. You have skilled that power and with your creative mind, you can reach heights. However, every artist needs inspiration. To provide food to your creative mind, here we have listed some top inspiring graphic design trends all over the globe. Have a look at it and try new things. You might come up with something completely unique after taking a look at these trends.

1. Pop art of comics 

Comics and pop art look vibrant and it is eye-catchy too. Many people feel more connected to old comics and characters than plain designs. Your design will successfully attract many customers. You can use superheroes or other funny yet famous characters and make your design bright and vibrant. If not characters, you can use the same effects of comic illustrations.

Top 5 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

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You can mix and match old characters with new concepts. Red, black and white were the colors mostly used in old comics. Dig deep, research well, and try this trend in your next design.

2. Natural Elements

You will be surprised by seeing this type of graphic design as a trend but as people are working from home, they are exploring nature in their creative designs. Many people feel soothing by looking at nature’s pictures or graphic designs. By using this fact, many designers are coming up with creative ideas and making digital platforms green. You can use leafy patterns, a green color scheme, earth-tone illustrations, and flowery effects. Even products that are beyond environmentally-oriented are also using this trend and making their designs more attractive.

Top 5 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends That Will Blow Your Mind

Nature can be your source of inspiration not as a trend but as a soothing object. Planets, flowers, mountains, sea waves, rivers are a part of many logos and graphic designs. For ages, this design is considered one of the top inspiring graphic design trends.

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3. Glass Morphism

Glass Morphism is mostly found in UI designs. This is trendy and looks very technologically advanced. You have to make an object blurry and give it a glass effect. This design is being very popular nowadays. Due to its modern and sleek look, it grabs the attention of target audiences. You have to blend the blurry objects perfectly to obtain this aesthetic design. 

This technique has been trendy since 2018 but it is still in the race. However, you should not overuse this technique. If you have studies of different techniques and trends then this design type must be in that list too as it’s a very popular and widely used design. You can use this design while launching a new service or revealing or starting a new campaign as you hide an element in this design. You can use it to make your audience curious about what is coming next after this design. 

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4. Abstract Psychedelia

Psychedelia is nothing but the opening of one’s mind. It is related to 60s music and art scenes. It uses creative experiments about hallucinations and social contrasts. This design is a chaotic image that speaks the language of abstract ideas, freedom of mind, and a deep sense of designing. In this year, many global graphic designers are using bright and vivid colors along with explosive arrangements in their designs. This is one of the most inspiring graphic design trends.

While using abstract illustrations and psychedelia elements, you have to use symmetry to add sense to your design. You combine new designs and blend them with abstract psychedelia. However, you have to limit yourself if you are trying to send a message through the design. If you are just practicing your skills then you can try variations. This design type is considered the biggest trendsetter this year. 

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5. Use of signs and symbols

Minor details and little things matter the most in graphic design. In this way, you can use historical symbols that can talk about your idea behind the design. This year is more about human expressions, feelings, and rights. Make your design express vividly through signs and symbols. You have to research this design type and explore yourself through symbols. icons of empowerment, freedom, and growth can play a vital role in this type of design. The universe is full of signs and designs. People may feel connected to the aspirational symbols. This design is worth the efforts.

Apart from these above-mentioned graphic designing trends, there are many new hacks and trends that you can use for your client’s professional branding. Some of these trends are flat icons and illustrations, utilization of simple geometric shapes, data visualization with simple vectors, muted color palettes for nostalgic and organic effect, serif fonts, and slide decks. You can use these trends to make your professional designs more appealing and pleasant to the eyes of customers. Choose light yet pleasing colors and make sure the font is suitable too. 

Whether you are designing for your client or to practice your skills and expressing yourself, these trends will help you get out of your creative block and design some magical graphics. Over the past year, almost everyone is working from home. In such times, your brain may not want to work consistently, but with new concepts and trends, you can nail it. We know you are going to design some absolutely stunning graphics. All the best.

Use of signs and symbols

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