Services of Digital Marketing?

Services of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the forms of marketing which can be done by using digital platforms like Social Media, Advertising through websites, and sending Texts or Emails and Multimedia messages. To promote our Brands or Products to connect with the proper and exact customers whom we are targeting. In another way, it is also called Online Marketing, because it will refer to all the marketing efforts that occur on the internet. It is one of the strategies to grab the attention of consumers through the digital platform.
Some of the Advantages of Digital Marketing are:

⦁    The cost will be less
⦁    The reach in local areas will be high
⦁    Easy to Learn
⦁    Lead Generation
⦁    It is easy to monitor competitors
⦁    Targeted Audience is very effective
⦁    More Interaction with the consumers
⦁    It will reach Globally

Some of the disadvantages of Digital Marketing are:
⦁    Time-Consuming
⦁    Privacy and Security
⦁    Technical Issues
⦁    Reviews and Negative Feedback
⦁    Plagiarize our Promotional Strategies

What Exactly the Digital Marketing person will Do?
The Digital Marketing Person will engage with the customers or clients through Digital platforms like social media, and websites through the Internet about the particular Brand or Product to maintain online Interaction. He will take the responsibility of Monitoring Reports, Copy of SEO Content on the Websites, Google Analytics Web Campaigns, etc. And has to keep up-to-date- with the Trends.

Some of the Job Roles Under Digital Marketing: 
⦁    Social Media Manager
⦁    Copywriter
⦁    SEO Specialist 
⦁    Email Marketing Person
⦁    Content Writer
⦁    Marketer researcher
⦁    Digital Marketer
⦁    Influencer
⦁    Creative Director

Duties of Social Media Manager:
Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing all the company’s Interactions with the public by creating and implementing the all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They have to Identify the Trends and should conduct Digital Campaigns to Build the Community Online. He should be very creative in making Marketing Strategies, Writing the content. He should be responsible for Developing, Implementing, and Managing all the strategies of all the Social Media platforms.

Duties of Copywriter:

Copywriter is one of the members of the Creative Team, he has to write all the content for different Projects related to print, web, social media, and video and he has to develop all the concepts. He has to be engaging with the straightforward text to different advertising platforms like websites or printing ads. They should have the capability of searching the keywords to make the written content an interesting article.

Duties of SEO Specialist:

The main responsibility is to improve the Website’s Ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. He has to Optimise copy and landing pages and has conducted a keyword search using different tools like Keyword Planner and Moz etc. Have to analyze and identify gaps in content to improve our website ranking. Have to track the Organic traffic and conversion rate of the particular web page. Has to monitor the Organic and Paid search campaigns. Should have strong Searching and Analytical skills.

Duties of Email Marketing Person:
They have to Coordinate email strategies for the Organisations’ Products or services. They have to Identify the targeted audiences for their products or services or brands and create a list of emails and implement them in the different email marketing campaigns. They should do market research for better results and monitor the reports on each campaign, should distribute the emails through the automation software.

Duties of Content Writers:
They have to write, develop, edit, and be responsible for publishing content on websites, blogs, email marketing, advertising campaigns, and social media platform posts. They have to deliver effective and Quality writing articles to attract the targeted audiences. Have to promote the content on social media platforms. Should ensure styles, fonts, and images.

Duties of Market Researcher:
They have to study the Sales Data, Investigate the market activity, and analyze the Trends in the market. Has to monitor the marketing surveys. Has to optimize the strategies which will impact the sales of the particular product or service.

Duties of Digital Marketer:

They have to involve in developing the organization’s multi-channel strategies and have to work on several areas like digital marketing campaigns, to complete the given tasks on projects within the deadlines. Has to create campaigns on platforms like social media, email, and advertising.

Duties of Influencers:
They have to create a variety and unique videos that can attract their followers on social media like Instagram, and Facebook, they have to film and photograph the images and videos. By using those they should promote their Brand or services to the consumers. They have to give reviews for other products too.

Duties of Creative Director:
They are in charge and responsible for all the designs and advertisements of the company or organization in the aspect of marketing. Has to monitor the brand campaigns, and presentations, supervise the creative process, and has to guide the team to work accordingly. They have to establish budgets and manage client relationships. The creative director is responsible for the work done by their team members like copywriters, graphic designers, and content writers.

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