SEO Research and Content Plan

 SEO Research and Content Plan


This tool is used for Writer Zen and has mainly three parts

  • Keyword Research
  • Article Topic Searching
  • Content Creation Plan

Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is the heart of SEO, when this keyword works properly only then we will succeed in SEO. On the bases of this SEO, we can plan ‘On Page and Link Building’. SEO success depends on the Keywords tool which is very important and costly in the market.

It means; the total information regarding particular content, monthly how many visitors are searching, who are all competitors, their positions, CPC’s, and keyword ideas.

Topic Discovery:

SEO Research and Content PlanParticular content, will give the n number of content ideas and shows the volume of searching and we can create content accordingly.

Content Creator:

This provides information about the content and instructions on how to beat the competitors, like how many paragraphs to be there, headline, outline, words, and total strategy related to given content.   

Life Time Deal Link:

We can buy according to their budgets, and the details of the pricing for this tool are as follows:

one-time purchase of $69.00one-time purchase of $138.00one-time purchase of $207.00
all features above includedall features above includedall features above included
50 keywords lookup per day75 keywords lookup per day150 keywords lookup per day
50 content briefs per month75 content briefs per month150 content briefs per month
50 topic lookups per month75 topic lookups per month150 topic lookups per month
25,000 words checked per day40,000 words checked per day100,000 words checked per day
25,000 keywords credits per month40,000 keywords credits per month100,000 keywords credits per month
5,000 AI writing words per month8,000 AI writing words per month15,000 AI writing words per month
3,000 keywords per import7,000 keywords per import12,000 keywords per import
3,000 word limit per check7,000 words limit per check 12,000 words limit per check 
20 keywords list50 keywords list100 keywords list

For SEO, Digital Marketing Freelancer then it is better to go Double code or Multiple codes.

Once you select the code and then click on BUY NOW option to proceed to checkout.

Then we will have a pop-up message like 

Select the code, 

Create a new Email account and then continue 

Payment will be based on “credit /Debit and Pay pal”

If any Discount, you may apply that discount code.

Once you finished these login credentials then login into it and click on Profile and then click on products, here we can see Redeem Your Purchase.

Please go through the instruction and code, and then click on Redeem Now.

Please create an account with Name, Email, Password, and APP Sumo Code (here copy and paste Redemption code). Once verification is done then an account will be created. and login with the login credentials that we have created, we can see the home page, click on the Dashboard, and we can see the Menu like Topic discovery, keyword Explorer, Content Creator, Plagiarism checker, and Keyword Importer.

In these, the majors are Topic discovery, Keyword Explorer, &Content Creator.

Click on the Keyword Explorer 

We can see the page of search options, country options, and language options that can be selected.

For example; the search option How to make money online shows monthly data for searching these content keywords and we can see the top 10 competitor’s points. 

CPC will show the blog earn, and adds. Accordingly to the keywords, ads, and monthly overview charts. If we search the content, it deals with the keywords:

  • How many keywords ideas
  • Trends
  • Volume
  • CPC ($)
  • Word count
  • PPC Competition

Keyword Difficulty:

This will show how much difficult that content beat the competitors, if it is less than 35/100, we can easily occupy the top 10, between 35 and 50 medium level, greater than 50 means it is hard to beat the competitors, and here we have a deep data search like insight, prepositions, comparing, etc.,

Click on Topic Discovery 

 We can see the page of the search option, country option, and language option that can be selected.

This topic discovery shows the content of different ideas.

For example; in the search option copy and paste online money, this will give the n number of related ideas, and clicking on the data, may open the blog or videos which is linked. The volume of the keywords. Relevancy (closely, medium, widely), Order by (Relevancy, search volume), and we can export in Excel, Graph( for presentation purposes).

Click on Content Creator 

Here we can create a new project and ideas of the content how to present, headings, outline, keywords, and content-related data.

Click on New project, and then give the Project Name, Location, and Language. And then click on Add button.

For Example: Enter the keyword: how to make online money, and click on Add button.

We can see the content structure, and suggestions like Headings, Paragraphs, Images, and words (if it is longer than 71% then we will be placed in the top 10. 

This will also show the data like google also asks, Topic People discuss, how people compare, and Reddit.

If we are unable to create then go for Setup & Start building outline, selecting this option gives suggestions top 10 topics.

Click on any topic, it shows the headlines, outline, and paragraph. We can use this as our outline also, select any headline (right click -> add to outline), that will add to our content. 

Click on any concept, and rewrite this will rewrite our input generate, like this we can copy the data and rewrite the data, like this, we can do headlines, paragraphs, images, and content ideas. And click on Save and Set up keywords.

By doing this setup it is easy to write the content data with simple modifications.

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