Pakistan Independence Day Banner

Pakistan Independence Day Banner

The Indian Independence Act of 1947 brought forth two countries, India and Pakistan, on August 15. The two nations appeared at the stroke of midnight. Be that as it may, Pakistan praises its Independence Day on August 14 rather than August 15 when India does.
Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day on August 14 could be viewed as a twofold day of freedom. Muslim Indians additionally battled to be liberated from British principles and later re-outfitted to fight for their country state, present-day Pakistan when part of the Indian subcontinent. After the British put down the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the Crown expected full control during the British Raj time frame. This went on until Pakistan’s freedom in 1947. The Mountbatten Plan split Pakistan (contained West and East Pakistan) from India, making a free Muslim country. In 1971, East Pakistan picked up its autonomy, getting known as Bangladesh. nowadays  West Pakistan is called simply Pakistan.

Independence for Pakistan

That August 15 was the day of Independence for Pakistan is affirmed from the radiolocation of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the establishing father of Pakistan. In his Independence Day discourse, Jinnah had stated, “August 15 is the birthday of the free and sovereign province of Pakistan. It denotes the satisfaction of the predetermination of the Muslim country which made extraordinary penances in the previous scarcely any years to have its country.” 

Muslims in Pakistan

The day was uncommon for Muslims in Pakistan as August 15 was the last Friday of the Islamic month of Ramzan that year. Subsequently, Independence Day for an Islamic nation for Muslims was an additional explanation behind a greater festival. This might be the explanation numerous in Pakistan despite everything accept that August 14 was the last Friday of the long stretch of Ramzan in 1947. 

Memorial stamps delivered by Pakistan

Memorial stamps delivered by Pakistan till July 1948 referenced August 15 as the Independence Day of Pakistan, the same concerning India. In any case, in the equivalent year, Pakistan propelled its Independence Day to August 14.

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