Increase Blogger Traffic Free

Increase Blogger Traffic Free

Increase Blogger Traffic Free This tutorial is useful for anyone who uses blogger Most bloggers do not know how to bring traffic to their blogger and how to SEO for it. Today you will find the solution in this tutorial.

How to make SEO related best setting inside your blogger After making those settings more visitors will come to your blogger I will explain to you here some tips and how to do the settings

Doing so will rank your blogger in Google and your blogger will also get more visitors. 

Go to your Blogger and on the left side, there is an option called Settings, and click on that option.

First comes the option called Basic

Enter Your Title “Blogger name” and save settings.

Next description Fill in the details about your blogger. Only maximum of words of 500 characters can be filled.

Then you will get HTTPS and I will tell you what HTTPS is, Your blogger is very secure. When someone comes and gives you a payment option, they can make it payment secure and Google also recommends that your blog or website should be HTTPS, Google rank does not come quickly if your blogger or website is HTTP. So Activate Compulsory HTTPS.

HTTPS Meaning SSL Certificate blogger gives you this option for free just click the yes option.

Next, you go to language and formatting and select English or the language in which you are writing the blog. Or keep English. Go to the time zone below and select the Indian standard time zone.

The most important thing is the search preferences, which give you a box called meta description, Let’s find out what a meta description is. When you search for a website on Google, a text line appears under the website URL. It should include keywords and description for your blogger. The keywords entered here must be relevant to your blog.

Then you have the crawlers and indexing option You have an option called custom robots.txt here. If it is an old blogger theme then click yes, in the new blogger theme it will be like an on, off button. When turned on, the box comes up. How to fill robots.txt in it, enter your website URL in the search bar and slash and type robots.txt and press enter your robots.txt will appear on the screen. Let me show you an example on the screen. Copy that text and paste it into the robots.txt box in blogger.

Custom robot tags for the Home page.

Below are the custom robots header tags, 

click on yes, 

select “all” in the Home page options, select “noodp” below and save.

Then Archive and Search Pages. 

In this, select the “noindex”  and  “noodp” option.

Post and pages.

Select “all” and “noodp” save it.

Select the other option button.

Then the other button will be Google analytics id. Paste your google analytics id in it and save it.

Doing so will definitely increase traffic to your blogger.

Increase Blogger Traffic Free
Increase Blogger Traffic Free

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