How to Rank your Site on Google Search

How to Rank your Site on Google Search

How to Rank your Site on Google Search Do you use a blogger or WordPress site ?? Are you in confusion about how to get your website ranked in your google search So you should definitely read this article, On-page SEO also did keyword placement and wrote some good articles but your article is not coming in google search? There are some points to rank on your website google If you do not keep those points in mind Google will not do that. It will do its job properly. It is a good idea to use long-tail keywords to rank your website if you have a problem with your post change the post title.

Another thing is that Google ads should not appear more than your article If you write the article shortly and the ads are high it will be negative Do you ever do that. It is best if the article you write is between 1000 words to 2000 words.

It doesn’t matter if you already have ads on your website, Google Adsense account approval will be easier if you do not have an Adsense account It is a good idea to correct the article grammar once you have written the article Spelling mistakes can change the meaning of letters It is better to correct yourself once Google’s algorithm quickly detects this error Then find out who your competitors are and see how long they have written the article.

Points that are not in your competitor’s articles are better if you write a little better in your article And the images in the article are very good if they are related to what you wrote It is advisable to put the alt tag and title correctly in the images If you want to add the video you can

The important thing is that the information in the article you write should be good Your site visitor should be able to learn something new Then they will remember the name of your website.


Keyword stuffing can be used in event blogging but not on a normal site It is good to have 1 keyword in the article you are writing. More than that is not good If the article is too large, 2 keywords may be used.

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