Happy Fathers Day Banner Design

Happy Fathers Day Banner Design

Every person in this world shall love you if you have the wealth, beauty, and fame and they would see your outward appearance. But the love of Father comes from by seeing your heart and not by physical things. It is Pure and it shall not boast. His Love is compassionate and he shall abide by you if you did any mistake.

If all the world reject you make your heart traumatic and cause unexplained pain in your heart, at that time the father is the only friend who will not abandon you but he will sustain you and make you Happy every moment when you’re in pain why because he loves you not with words and speech but with Actions and in Truth. His Unfailing love shall not reject you and leave you, he will Supply all your needs, you may have many heroes/heroines in your life but the father has only one hero/heroine in his entire life and that is YOU.

People will identify you and praise you when you succeed in your life But Father is the only one who believes in you when the total world is against you. All these worlds may not believe in You, all these people may make you cry and discourage you every time in your life, but the father makes you fill your heart with courage and unfailing LOVE.

He knew before you ask your need

He knew before you feel your pain, he knew what is your happiness and he knew what is in your heart before you convey him. That is Father. That’s why he will not leave you forsake you and will not abandon YOU.


Father did not spend his own money to satisfy his desires, he always tries to Satisfy your desires because the happiness and smile which shall come from your Face is the only source that will make the Father happy. 

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