Google Adsense Vignette Ads

Google Adsense Vignette Ads

Google AdSense Vignette Ads Let me tell you two good news  Most people may know If you have a Google AdSense account the message or notification will appear as shown in the screenshot below, Vignette Ads You will also receive an email from Google AdSense As shown in the screenshot below Let us know what are the benefits of these two for you What is Vignette Ads and how can we benefit from it? What is a Wide Screen? Let us know all the details about these.

vignette ads
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Vignette Ads:

Whenever you open any website and click on the next page Before you go to the next page a full-screen ad will appear, for example, You can see the screenshot below, It is called Vignette Ads, It only works on the mobile version but Google has now announced after 3rd November Ads come in the same way on the desktop also If someone comes to your website and clicks on any post A full-screen ad appears just before going to the next page There is a facility to activate it This feature is easy for you if you use google auto ads For that you go to your Google AdSense account and on the left side there is an option called ads If you click on the ads option, you will get overview below and you will get three options on the right side.

Here you will find By Site where you will find all the Google AdSense approved sites list, Here all the websites have edit option for any website you want to activate Vignette ads there click on edit After clicking the Edit button, there is an option called Auto Ads on the right side of the screen Turn on the auto ads button Below you will find the ads format options You will be able to see all types of ad formats If you want to activate these auto ads for your website, there is a button called to apply to the site, just click auto ads will be activated for your website.

Let’s find out about another google AdSense news If you go to your Google AdSense on the left side you have the option called Reports, Click on the Report option After clicking on the Reports option you will see a beta version report If you turn off the beta version you will see the old version, If you turn on the beta version you will see the new version google says it will be activated from 1st December In this, you will not be able to see 3years back earnings and even daily earnings, Previous YouTube earnings can be viewed here but now Google ads the facility of viewing YouTube earnings on YouTube.

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