Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

Make Money With Amazon Affiliates Let’s learn about Amazon Affiliate marketing and how to make money with it. Affiliate means we promote other people’s products and we get some commission from sales, Amazon is the largest affiliate in the world.

You will be familiar with Amazon or you will buy something from it. But did you know you can also make money from amazon, To open this affiliate link go to google search and type amazon affiliate When you do a google search for the first link you will find the amazon affiliate link and click on that link

When you open the Amazon site you will see the join for a free screen on the site There is no charge to become an amazon affiliate member, it can be done for free If any product is sold by you, you will get a commission.

Click the Join now button and create an account if you already have an Amazon account you can open it with that account. If you do not have an account, create a new one. After creating the account you will get an OTP, enter that OTP, and confirm the account, After entering the OTP you will see a new window open. Fill in the paid name and other details in that window Then click on the Next button.

Then you need to enter your website or app details, If you have a website or app link, add it, if not, you can also add your Facebook profile link, Then click next,  In this window, your associate name will ask what you want and select it as you like.

Below is a list of products you would like to affiliate with Select what kind of products you want to list on your website Then click next.

The congratulations screen will appear with your ID, Payment information will need to be added Login is required once again to add payment information. After login, you will need at least 1000 on the screen so that you can send it to your account.

Let us know how to add a product link to your website. After going to the Amazon website and clicking on any product, the product details below will be ASIN: Number, and copy that number. Go to the Amazon Associates page and click the product link on the product linking button.

Below that is search for any product, enter the ASIN number you copied in the search bar, and click the go button. You can see your searched product below. Click the get link button on the right side, select the code in the format you want, and add it to your website.

The important thing is that the more traffic your website gets, the better your chance of selling.

Sharing your website link in WhatsApp groups or on social networking sites will get a lot of views which will also make your income even better. There are many websites online that make good money with amazon affiliates. Give it a try, you don’t need money to blog, create a blog, write some content about the product, and put an amazon ad code on the blog.

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate

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