How to fix home page thumbnail issue in Blogger

How to fix home page thumbnail issue in Blogger

Don’t worry if a thumbnail image suddenly disappears on your blog, I think I did not make any changes to the template and did not upload any new template, This problem comes to bloggers when Google changes its new blogger interface, Many bloggers it has become a big problem that the images they upload do not look in a blog Let’s Find out the solution, There are also a lot of videos on youtube that you can watch but not to mention so closely.

If you upload any image in the blogger post, the image thumbnail will not come properly. This problem is a very small problem. When we upload an image, we click on add selected without selecting the image. We normally press the select button so that the thumbnail image does not appear.

You can also see it in the screenshot given below. After uploading the image, select that image and then the image will appear in the thumbnail.

SSL Image links Causing Photos Not to Display.

If you look closely the hypertext transfer protocol is not the same as in old blogger Previously it came with the usual protocol in old blogger but whenever the new blogger modifier is made secure protocol it means SSL image links. 

If the thumbnail is not coming as mentioned above You can try another method, Another way is to change the URL of the thumbnail image to https: // to HTTP: // Can be found in the screenshot below After doing this upload the image and see your thumbnail image comes up.

It’s not your fault it’s actually caused by the blogger. https: // blogger thumbnail images are not allowed to appear

Try it as mentioned earlier and if it does, Go the second way definitely your problem will be solved.

blogger thumbnail
blogger thumbnail bug

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