Friendship Day Banner

Friendship Day Banner

A word is enough ….to start the war. A gaze is enough …to make relations long-lasting. A friend is enough…to change a life. A smile is enough ….to start a friendship. Friendship day was begun by Joyce Hall, intended to be 2nd August and a day when people celebrated their friendships by holiday celebrations. But in our nation, we celebrated the 1st Sunday of August.

A friend is a gift you provide for yourself. 

Friends are those individuals in your existence with whom you don’t have any blood connection. It’s a connection of affection and love towards others. Friendship can be between any two people who can belong to any age, position, gender, caste, and any societal position.

A Genuine friend

Is one who will consistently be there when you need somebody. He will leave all his important works yet will never disregard you, particularly in your troublesome occasions. That is the reason it is said a friend in need is a friend surely. Troublesome occasions are the best ideal opportunity to acknowledge who your actual friends are.  

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